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1. How much did people in the U.S. spend on the tickets of “zootopia” for the first week?

A.75 million

B. 50 million C, 230 million

2. What do the bunny rabbit and fox want to do?

A. catch a criminal B, find the animals that have disappeared

C.find the missing otter

3. What kind of movie did “Zootopia” start out as?

A. action movie

B.spy movie

T or F:

1. “Frozen” was the most popular animated movie.

2. People around the world spent over 230 million dollars on “Zootopia” this week.

3. Ginnifer Goodwin provided the voice for Nick, the fox.

4. Zootopia was praised

because of its humor and strong message.

5. The story took place in several different animal worlds.


Last weekend, the latest Disney movie, “Zootopia,” broke records.

The movie had the largest opening weekend for a Disney animated film. People across the United States bought more than $75 million worth of tickets. The box office totals pushed the popular movie, “Frozen,” to second place in opening







1. China‟s soccer team will continue their dreams of 2018 World Cup after a 2-0 comfortable win

Soap operas(肥皂剧) from South Korea have been popular in China for more than twenty years now.

soap operas to be less popular. But this time, they are facing more , because Descendants of the Sun(太阳的后裔) and My Love from the Star really made a big success, A senior officer said he sometimes watched soap operas from South operas from ‟s soap operas are not much loved by most Chinese, because they are from South Korea and America, such as My Love from the Star, a Korean love story between a time-travelling professor and a famous movie star.

over Qatar March 29, 2016.

A. in B. at C. with D. on ( ) 2. ---Has Timmy finished his painting yet?

A. is working B. was working C. has worked D. had worked

3. I don‟we carefully plan it. A. if B. till C. unless D. before ( ) 4. ---What do you think of Jane?

---She‟girl and always interested in anything new.

A. modest B. curious C. energetic D. organized ---Twenty minutes by bus. A. How long B. How often C. How many D. How far to read these English stories? ---Yes, I want to read them again if I have time. A. interesting B. interested C. bored D. boring A. practice drawing B. practised drawing C. to practice drawing D. practice to draw


A. weren‟t sell B. aren‟t sold C. won‟t be sold D. don‟t sell

s newspaper?{judy,hopps英文介绍}.

---Yes, the top news is about Chinese President Xi Jinping‟s visit to Pakistan. A. anything serious B. something serious C. anything important D. something important ( ) 10. ---Mike, your bedroom is in a mess. ---Sorry, mum. I‟my things at once. A. put away B. put up C. put out D. put on

11. A quiet boy like Daniel would like to stay at home, doing nothing A. together with B. instead of C. such as D. less than

12. Julia is very clever. In fact, I doubt whether anyone in the class has IQ. A. a higher B. a high C. the higher D. the highest

13. ---Have you ever seen Tom recently?

--- . He often goes on business in Canada. A. Always B. Usually C. Seldom D. Often ( ) 14.--- I think Running Man is the most popular TV game show now.

--- .

A. I‟m glad to hear that B. That‟s all right C. Never mind D. I can‟t agree more ( ) 15. Can you tell me in the future? A. how life will be like B. how will life be like C. what will life be like D. what life will be like


However, Korean shows not operas but also some programmings(综艺节目). “Running Man” is not an original Chinese show. We learned it from South Korea but some Chinese people aren‟.

Actually, China has a closer culture with South Korea. But why do shows from country always seem better? One of the possible reasons is that their stories are more attractive. What‟s more, those stories tell people the importance of courage, imagination and equality.

16. A. right B. first C. perfect D. last ( ) 17. A. advantages B. progress C. problems D. support ( ) 18. A. attracted B. caught C. controlled D. caused ( ) 19. A. as good as B. as well as C. as long as D. as much as ( ) 20. A. all B. either C. neither D. both ( ) 21. A. agree B. suggest C. announce D. decide ( ) 22. A. movies B. stars C. lovers D. operas ( ) 23. A. pr B. promise C. provide D. prepare ( ) 24. A. fact B. reason C. case D. detail ( ) 25. A. relative B. neighbour C. partner D. programme

3 Scientists Awarded

26. William C. Campbell was born in A. Ireland B. Japan C. China D. Germany

27. Among the three scientists, who is the youngest?

A. Youyou Tu. B. Satoshi Omura. C. William C. Campbell. D. We don‟t know.

28. Suppose the total prize for the 3 scientists is $1,000,000, how much will Youyou Tu get?

When Leonardo DiCaprio stepped onto the stage to accept the Academy Award for Best Actor on February 28, he received a rare standing ovation(鼓掌欢呼).

After five acting nominations and 22 years of disappointed hopes since his first nomination(for Whats Eating Gilbert Grape in 1993) the 41-year-old actor finally won his first Oscar for his effort in the film The Revenant, which hit Chinese cinemas on March 18.

DiCaprio‟s career took off when he played the romantic lead in

Titanic(1997). However, the film also gave him the name “pretty boy”. People pay more attention to his face A. Flash B. Nick C. Judy Hopps D. Nathan Warner

34. We can infer(推断) from the passage that .

A. Nick is a fox police officer and helps Judy solve a case B. leaves and sticks on animals‟ coats make them look real C. Judy Hopps also has a split lip as well as the real rabbits

D. part of fox fur is dark at the root and gets lighter till its black top

. A. some fun facts about Zootopia B. the main clues of Zootopia

C. different kinds of animals roles D. the steps of the movie designing

than his acting.

DiCaprio has been known as one of the pickiest actors in Hollywood. Instead of winning hearts in romantic films, he chose to work with more challenging productions.

For the role of Hugh Glass, an 1820s fur trapper in The Revenant, DiCaprio wore 47 different prosthetics(特效假体) slept in dead animals, and ate a bison liver. For over half the film, he crawled(爬) on the ground. An article in Life Week wrote, “Compared with DiCaprio‟s terrible experience in The Revenant, Robinson Crusoe‟s seems as easy and comfortable as a vacation.”

His effort was accepted by the Academy. After he has finally earned the US‟ top acting award, DiCaprio is now working harder, turning to different challenges.

29. How many acting nominations did Leonardo DiCaprio win?

A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five.

30. In which film did Leonardo DiCaprio win the Oscar for Best Actor?

A. Titanic. B. Robinson Crusoe. C. The Revenant. D. What‟s Eating Gilbert Grape.

31. What can we learn from the passage?

A. The film was first shown in China on February 28, 2016.

B. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the pickiest actors in Hollywood. C. Leonardo DiCaprio wants to be a supermodel in the near future. D. Robinson‟s experience is more terrible than DiCaprio‟s in The Revenant.

From a large elephant to a small mouse, animals live happily together in Disney‟s new movie Zootopia. Judy Hopps, the main character, becomes the first rabbit police officer in the city. While solving a mystery, she meets the smart fox, Nick, who helps her with her case, and some other animals like the lion mayor(市长) and a sloth called Flash. Here is something more about the movie.

There are 64 kinds of animals in the movie. Each kind is special. Elephants

have trunks(big noses) pigs have snouts; some animals have feet, some have paws; some animals have three fingers while some have two. Judy‟s character is a bit different from real rabbits. Real rabbits actually have a split lip(裂唇) but the film makers decided to keep Judy‟s lip all together to look nice.

Film makers learned that not all fur of animals is the same. In the movie, some of polar bear fur is clear. It appears white because the light reflects(反射) off of it. Part of fox fur is dark at the root(根部) getting lighter till its red top. They did so to make sure that the animals in Zootopia were believable.

Moreover, a film maker, Nathan Warner with his partners also took a trip to Africa for researching animals. There they had a close watching of different animals. Based on their discovery, these artists added leaves and sticks to animals‟ coats like the big sheep. They also make animals‟ tears run from the inside corners of eyes down to the outside of the mouth.

32. From the passage we know that Zootopia may be the name of a(an) A. animal B. zoo C. city D. mayor ( )33. You may see the following characters in the movie EXCEPT .


A 根据句意,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空,每空一词。 36. We must learn more 37. Everyone should pay attention to talk politely on the Internet.

38. Please cheer (you) up with songs and games during the journey, boys and girls! 39. Many people don‟ (reduce) the pollution. 40. The scientist died in his B) 根据句意及汉语提示,写出各单词的适当形式,每空一词。 41. There are several computer 工程师) in that company.{judy,hopps英文介绍}.

42. Poor areas are in great need of teachers, 尤其English teachers. 43. I‟m not sure whether his suggestion is more 有价值的 than yours.

以,凭借his efforts, he succeeded in ng so many useful inventions.

传播 in the city quickly.




Are you still doing the V for victory sign? It‟s out. The latest popular hand gesture(手势) is putting both of your hands and put them together to make a

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, have done the move in recent photos. The heart-shape hand gesture means

I love you‟ and „thank you‟ said the country singer Taylor Swift, 21. It‟s a sweet, a word. Swift often does it at her concerts. And she it popular.

Last month, Justin Bieber and his superstar friends did the “ hand heart” and put the photos online three kids whose parents were killed in a car accident. “It used to take much l time for nonverbal(非语言的)culture to move. But now, it moves faster b 54 we have smart phones and the Internet.” In South Korea(韩国) the “hand heart” has been popular for a long time, but in a People there put their hands above their heads and make a bigger heart shape with their arms. It means: “I love you.”

A new study suggests that the more teenagers watch television, the more likely they are to develop depression (抑郁症) as young adults.

The researchers used a national long-term survey of healthy young teenagers of about 13-16 to find out the relationship between media (媒体) use and



young teenagers who were not depressed when the survey began in 1995.

As part of the survey, the young people were asked how many hours of television or videos they watched daily. They were also asked how often they played computer games and listened to the radio. Here was the result. The young people spent five and a half hours a day using media and more than 2 hours of that was spent watching TV.

Seven years later, in 2001, more than 7% of the young people had signs of depression. The average age at that time was 21. Brian Primack at the University of Pittsburgh medical school was the lead author of the new study. He says every extra hour of television meant an 8% increase in the chances of developing signs of depression.

The researchers say they did not find any such relationship with the use of other media such as movies, “You are great role models.” Your parents have been great role models and you should always respect them. They always encourage you to work hard and become a successful man in life. Even though you may have lost in a race or failed an exam, they were and still are your number one fans. video games or radio. But the study did find that young men were more likely than young women to develop depression given the same amount of media use.{judy,hopps英文介绍}.

Doctor Primack says the study did not find out if watching TV causes depression directly. But one possibility, he says, is that it may take time away from activities that could help pr depression, like sports and social activities. It might also pr a person from sleeping well, he says, and that could have an influence.

The study was just published in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

In December, the journal Social Indicators Research published a study of activities that help lead to happy lives. Researchers from the University of Maryland found that people who describe themselves as happy spend less time watching television than unhappy people. The study found that happy people are more likely to be socially active, to read, attend social services and to vote.

The purpose of the research is to find out the of the research, a survey was made among over 4000 young people who were not depressed. Seven years later, researchers found 7% of the young people had a sign of depression. Every extra hour of watching TV meant an 8% increase in the of developing signs of depression. Here are the research. Firstly, Watching TV might help pr depression and it may take time away from activities and that some people get depression is that they spend more time watching television.


Parents are the most generous people on Earth. However, we often fail to thank them for their efforts and love. And by the time we realize this, it‟s too late. So don‟t wait for Mother‟s Day or Father‟s Day to say sweet things to your parents.

“I miss you all the time.” Although you are busy, don‟t forget to call your parents and tell them how much you miss them when they are not around.

“I thank you for all your efforts.” Maybe you haven‟t thanked them in words, but you surely did it in your mind. Hug(拥抱) them and tell them how much you thank them for their efforts. You can‟t possibly give back everything they‟ve done for you, but this small act will make them feel special.

“Im sorry.” You might have said things that hurt them deeply, but they still believe in you and continue to shower their love on you. You may want to go back in time and make everything right. But since that can‟t happen, all you can do is to say sorry from the bottom of your heart.

“Thank you for ng me what Im today.” You can never thank them enough for this. They‟ve always been your strength to move forward in life. They have taught you all the small and big things about life. Let them know they are the real heroes in your life.


你校学生会将在6月5日“世界环境日(World Environment Day)”举行关于 “环境保护”英语征文比赛,要求大家踊跃参加。请你以“Environmental Protection” 为题,结合下列要点,完成一篇90字左右的文章。{judy,hopps英文介绍}.


1. 污染是目前世界上最严峻的问题之一。

2. 污染对我们的生活产生了很大的影响,如:垃圾„空气„(省略处至少各举一例) 3. 在一些西方国家,垃圾被分成了不同的类别,收集起来。 4. 我国政府已采取措施来保护环境。鼓励人们节约水,减少污染等。 5. 作为青少年,我们在日常生活中应该如何做? (至少补充两点)

Environmental Protection


一、 单项选择。

1-5 D B C B D 6-10 A C D C A 11-15 B A C D D 二、 完型填空。

26-30 A B C D C 31-35 B C D B A 四、 词汇运用。

36. natural 37.talking 38. yourselves 39. reduce 40. forties 41. engineers 42. especially 43. valuable 44. through 45. spread 五、短文填空。

56. relationship 57. beginning 58. chances 59. results 60. reason

61. seldom 62.Remember 63. though/ although 64. heroes 65. support 七、作文(略)


Dream in the former,growth in the post -Zootopia

PART1:This is a great family film that everyone needs to watch because of all the teaching moments within the film. Let me phrase that: the entire movie is a teaching moment. Zootopia is a film that is all about inclusion, about putting away the stereotypes and prejudices aside to live in a better society and how negative they are, how much they blind someone to see something but hatred and anger.

Dickens said it was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.In “zootopia” animals are also experiencing the best and worst of times.Their city has been modernized. They have been separated from the savage state, there is no carnivores and herbivores of chasing and killing.Courts, police, shops and all kinds of advertisements make up the theworld.But the world is not perfect,and there is a variety of injustice and discrimination,while full of civilization and order.Fortunately,there are still dare to challenge the courage of the unfair.

A modern urban animals, each animal in here have their own homes, Plaza Sahara desert climate, year-round cold glacier town and so on, it is like a big melting pot, the animals here Peaceful Coexistence -- whether it was an elephant or a little mouse, as long as you work hard can break some tricks. Rabbit Judy grew up on the dream can become animal city police, despite all the people around feel rabbit impossible when the police, but she still through their own efforts, among the to the whole is bigger animal town police station, became the first officer for rabbits. In order to prove himself, she decided to solve a mystery case. Follow the truth on the road, Judy forced in animal town to swindling fox Nick to help himself, but found behind the pile cases hidden an intended to subvert the huge conspiracy Town animal, and Judy and Nick is in jeopardy of investigative process become a good partner.

PART2:The story is just amazing as it follows Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) a small town bunny who wants to be a part of the big leagues as an officer with all the other large big animals that work together to solve crime in the big city. But she“s a bunny, what the heck can a bunny do as a crime? It”s a stereotype the resonates so strongly with the audience, with anyone who was thought of as being too weak to do what the “big boys” do. Judy is breaking those barriers, breaking those stereotypes to show that even though she may be tiny, she can do their job twice as good as they can. And boy, does she do it. She is suck a great character and the film has so much heart to it because of who she is and how she develops in the film. She“s so single minded on her quest to do something right, to prove herself, that she becomes lost within the prejudices that now surpass the. It”s a growing moment for her and the audience because they see her mistakes and they see her fix them.

As for Nick (voiced by Jason Bateman) he faces many of the same challenges as Judy, but his are based more on the prejudices of a fox. He“s a predator, and no one gives him the chance to be anything more than that, so he stopped trying. This is something everyone faced in their life, bullies to geeks, jocks and cheerleaders; society has a way of bunching the few alongside with the few bad apples. Nick represents that side of society that many people don”t realize is even there because it is just part of how culture tends to work. And the fact that this film is addressing that makes is such a profound film.

The two lead characters Judy and Nick, have great chemistry and youll find yourself rooting for them throughout (some even want more chemistry *ahem*. A lot more). Chief Bogo (voiced by Idris Elba) and Ben Clawhauser (voiced by Nate Torrence) were nice additions to the cast, though the lack of focus on them is understandable. J.K. Simmons and Jenny Slate also lends their unique voices to Mayor Lionheart and Asst Mayor Bellweather, both of which are remarkably well-suited. To make it more fun, the movie is also riddled with references (both in pop culture and biological) hidden jokes and easter eggs. However, adults will probably have a lot more fun with these as they cater to the older audiences, like with the Godfather reference.

This movie should be applauded on the story itself, because these writers and the directors, together they were able to create this very time- appropriate story that has a very powerful theme to it. It is simply such an amazing story about inclusion that doesn“t play nice. This is may a kids movie, but that did not stop the writers from adding in some very dramatic scenes to highlight the negativity that comes from watching life through stereotypes and prejudices, how dangerous and hurtful they can be to an individual. It”s all about not to judge the book by its cover.

Well I could go on and on but I just want to say that Zootopia far exceeded my expectations. It hit the mark on every single category. Ive never laughed so Wholeheartedly and loud. I never lost interest and it had mystery and great fluidity.

Story and amazing voice acting aside, A movie filled with heart, laughs, and plenty of teaching moments for a better society is amazing, and to make it even more amazing were the graphics of the film. Animated movies just get better and better, and Disney works amazingly with their graphics putting so much work into it, they deserve the recognition for their hard work. Everyone deserves something for this film because all together, this film was just an amazing piece of animation that had such a strong story. This is the perfect family film and is the perfect film for everyone of any age, gender, or race because of what it teaches: inclusion。







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